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The Ultra Tough Black Premium Glove

TGC® WorkGear Black Nitrile disposable gloves are our premium brand of high quality, durable, chemically protective disposable gloves.

With unmatched nitrile strength and elasticity, these gloves are specifically designed for use across all industrial and commercial tasks that demand high quality.

Meeting the highest of accreditations for strength, comfort, safety and usability amongst the finest protective equipment available. Including NSN codification for use by the defense forces and aviation industry.

Unmatched strength
100% nitrile construction
High puncture resistance

6 mil thickness (0.15mm)
High breakage resistance

100 Gloves per box

Part No.
XS 160000 / S 160001
M 160002 / L 160003
XL 160004

Box/100 Gloves
Case/1000 Gloves
(10 Boxes)

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• 100% Nitrile
• Ultra Tough Nitrile
• High Puncture Resistance
• Superior Chem Resistance
• Unsurpassed Comfort
• Latex Free & Vinyl Free
• 90+ ratings on chemicals
• Repair & Maintenance Industries
• Aircraft Fitting & Maintenance
• Auto Painting & Detailing
• Mechanical Services
• Plumbing Services
• Emergency Services
• Boarder Security
• Commercial & Household Painting
• Fuelling & Oil Dispensing
• Cleaning & Hygiene Tasks
• Materials Handling
+ 1001 Other Tough Jobs